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    had, as I have said, an appearance of good looks Her thinness

    came out of the house a lady with her handkerchief tied over her

    shawl, turned to thank the gentleman for taking so much trouble

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    from your account of him, Trotwood, and your character, and the

    ‘Oh, go-roo!’ (it is really impossible to express how he twisted

    afterwards, on the wall of the entry, with a bottle at its mouth The

    Canterbury coach It was in vain to take refuge in gruffness of

    ‘Oh yes, of course I am!’ cried Dora, ‘but I am so frightened!’

    said Mr Murdstone

    nobody should have made any sign in my behalf But none was

    forgotten Mrs Markleham?’

    acquaintance with the law—as a defendant on civil process—and I

    down my books, looked into them, and showed me what she knew

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    make light of it, and save Mr Jack Maldon from any further

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    of a liberty, and a liberty, she said, was a thing she never allowed

    The master did not speak, no one would dare to speak, let the darkening sky, nobody want to light the candle, until

    elapsed before I saw the least change in her It came on slowly,

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    what I must You doen’t ought to hear it, sir’


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